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The World's Fastest Packable Road Bike

REACH is a compact folding bicycle that truly feels, handles and rides like a full-sized road bike. It is always ready to take you to any destination, from long treks to adventure rides and even races.


Revolutionary trailing link suspension with disc brake and 4-bar linkage anti-dive performance. Reach Touring 24 Speed is fast, smooth, and powerful. 


Weighing only 9.9Kg Reach GT is a light weight folding bike with full size geometry: riding position, main geometry, frame structure, and feel are identical to a full size bicycle. ​ 

Wheel Size

20" advantage: small wheels offer easier startup,  faster acceleration and fit for long touring.

Quick Folds

Intuitive folding lock: simple and effective locking design provides single action instant folding/unfolding.


Foldable Performance

An ultimate climbing and touring bike 

Light, stiff and responsive; REACH is a top-spec built folding bike. REACH is packable and it takes less than 30 seconds to fold and to setup.  It is ready to travel around the world's most amazing cycling trails with you. Outstanding handling balanced with great comfort and geometry, REACH is a bike you will enjoy even on a long ride!

Video Introduction


Pioneering Innovation  

Revolutionary rigid triangular frame: the only folding bike with a triangular frame design and oversized down tube to achieve maximum frame rigidity.


Adaptive Design

Vibration damping suspension: full PU suspension smooths out bumpy terrain while providing responsive feedback. The highly flexible adjustable PU system offers multiple choices of front/rear suspension style to accommodate all terrains. 


Top-tier Design and Production

With over 40 years of experience making extraordinary bicycles, Pacific Cycles has long be reconzied its high quality manufacture and has won several prestigious international design awards.  SectionZero is Pacific Cycles’ in-house creative design studio comprised of top-notch designers and engineers. Each design team member brings a unique and valuable skill set to the equation. This powerful R&D platform, quality production capabilities, and cutting-edge parts are marking the top-tier folding bike like Birdy possible. 

REACH Lifestyle 2020
Camping with your REACH
Pacific Cycles company video featuring in-house creative design studio Section Zero

Pacific Cycles company video featuring in-house creative design studio Section Zero

Section Zero Pacific Cycles is in the business of bringing bicycle visions to life. Along the way, we have often taken a different path to other bicycle manufacturers, coming up with creative, no-nonsense solutions, rather than just following trends. Section Zero is Pacific Cycles' award-winning creative design studio. Comprised of cutting-edge designers and engineers, each Section Zero team member brings a unique and valuable skill set to the equation. What really sets section zero apart from other design offices is that it consists of real cycling enthusiasts with experience not only in design and manufacturing, but also with the market itself. Sharing this love of cycling with outside-the-box thinking, the team continues to generate atypical yet extremely practical and efficient cycling products. Reverse Engineering/Rapid Prototyping Pacific has invested heavily in 3D scanning and printing technology to maximize efficiency of R&D and quality control. Reverse engineering uses 3D scanning technology to quickly and accurately generate a computer model from any physical object, to compare data and ensure problem-free, efficient future production. In-house rapid prototyping is made possible by using 3D printing to make solid objects from any computer design. Manufacturing Pacific's production capabilities are second to none. For example, our unique CNC machine is equipped with an advanced CCD camera to detect correct positioning with exact precision. With over thirty years experience in the industry, we have developed the most efficient manufacturing processes, from state-of-the-art painting techniques right through to final assembly. Testing Whether an OEM or Pacific design, we are always excited to see concepts turn into real products. Cooperating with our global customers to come up with inventive ways to build exciting creations is our focus at Pacific.

Bajorn Wong, Togoparts Magazine 

"Reach definitely hits the sweet spot between speed, practicality, design and technology. Rough ride ahead?  No bob-lem."

The Reach Lineup


Reach Touring


With 24 speeds (3-speed internal hub x 8 speeds) to shift through, the Reach Touring can easily conquer hills and sloped terrain. The thick 20” Kenda tyres give additional cushion when cycling on roads and rougher surfaces.




202303 REACH GT violet.png

Reach GT


The design of Reach GT's aluminum frame provides maximum frame rigidity and pedal efficiency. Reach GT features Hubsmith 20" Rim and Schwalbe Durano tyres. 




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REACH is packable and it takes less than 30 seconds to fold and to setup. It is ready to travel around the world's most amazi
Reach GT Maximizing riding dynamics, Reach GT is built with winning formula for the braves.

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