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The Fittest of the Urban Jungle

Moove prioritizes efficiency, eco-friendliness, and reliability, transforming the way we navigate the city. Its lightweight design and sturdy construction ensure durability, while the exceptional performance of the BOSCH SX motor, with a continuous power output of up to 250W, delivers an impressive cruising range of up to 86 kilometers.

Moove sets a new benchmark for city mobility, making urban commuting more efficient and enjoyable than ever before.


Moove elevates your journey to unmatched levels of comfort, convenience, and enjoyment. The eBike with the BOSCH Performance Line SX motor offers Max 600W, a maximum torque of 55 Nm and 340% support level, providing an exhilarating ride with precise control. Its reliable braking system ensures secure stops, even with extra loads, making it safe and agile for various terrains and conditions. 


Experience the ultimate blend of form and function with Moove, where every detail is crafted to elevate your riding experience and effortlessly conquer the dynamic challenges of city living. With its innovative single-arm design and a 2-kilogram drive unit, Moove sets out to redefine urban mobility by significantly reducing its total weight. The BOSCH powerhouse seamlessly integrates with Moove's frame, epitomizing style and inconspicuous sophistication while enhancing road agility.

Sturdy & Comfort

Designed for urban living, Moove combines a lightweight performance motor, robust aluminum frame, and 20" tires for a dynamic and minimalist design, ensuring a sleek ride on the road.

Urban Explorer

The Moove Smart e-bike efficiently assists riders in reaching their destinations by adjusting riding modes to both riders and the environment.


Moove Forward

Smart, Stylish, and Sustainable

Experience the future of urban commuting with Moove. Stylish design, smart features, and eco-friendly efficiency - all in one ride!


Urban Explorer's Choice: The Moove Smart E-Bike is your perfect companion for city adventures. It effortlessly adapts to varying terrains, providing a reliable and efficient ride every time.


BOSCH Reliability: Powered by the trusted BOSCH Performance Line SX motor, Moove guarantees a high-performance and durable e-biking experience. Quality you can rely on, every journey.

Video Introduction


Pioneering Innovation  

The mid-mounted motor setting in the Moove e-bike is a strategic design decision that brings several advantages, particularly in terms of weight distribution and overall balance. The balanced center of gravity enhances the bike's agility, making it easier for riders to navigate through various terrains and city environments.


Adaptive Design

A single-arm design can contribute to a more compact and lightweight structure, making the e-bike easier to handle, especially in urban environments with limited space.


Top-tier Design and Production

With over 40 years of experience making extraordinary bicycles, Pacific Cycles has long be reconzied its high quality manufacture and has won several prestigious international design awards.  SectionZero is Pacific Cycles’ in-house creative design studio comprised of top-notch designers and engineers. Each design team member brings a unique and valuable skill set to the equation. This powerful R&D platform, quality production capabilities, and cutting-edge parts are marking the smart e-bike like Moove possible. 

Moove Designs