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Dealer's interests are always one of our priorities, our dedicated team is always standing by to serve. We value long term relationships with our clients & we are here to provide you great bikes backed by keen insight, powerful R&D, and quality production capabilities. We care about your business, simply fill in the blanks below, and let's start the journey to success together.

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  • Is there any warranty on birdybikes?
    We offer a two-year manufacturer warranty on your newly purchased birdy bikes in North America on the bike frame, and 1-year warranty on parts but limited to the front fork, saddle, grip shifter, derailleur, chain wheel, crank set, bottom bracket, hubs, freewheels, handlebar, handlebar stem, brakes, pedals, fenders, carriers, bearings, connecting rods, connecting screws. The warranty provided by Pacific Cycles is valid for 2 years from the date of purchase, provided that the product has been used in normal riding situations and has been serviced and maintained properly. The consumable components including outer tires, inner tires, rims, wires, liner bands, brakes, brake discs, linings, brake cables, shifter cables, grips, greasers, coating, and other unrelated brackets and normal components are not eligible for warranty. The authorized retailer is obliged to provide servicing & maintenance to your bicycle during warranty.
  • How do I maintain my birdybikes?
    Birdybikes are very high quality products. When you pick the bike up from the dealer, the dealer has already made the bike ready for you to ride. Nevertheless the bike does require some routine maintenance which is best performed by your dealer. Only then can the safe operation of all parts be guaranteed. This will keep you riding happily and safely for many years. WASHING AND CARING FOR YOUR BIKE Dried sweat, dirt and salt from winter riding or from sea air can harm your bike. Therefore we recommend regularly cleaning and corrosion protection of all susceptible bike components. A gentle way to wash the bike is with a gentle spray of water or a bucket of water and a sponge/brush. Cleaning by hand has another positive side effect. You can detect paint damage, worn parts, loose spokes other defects early. Protecting the finish After the bike is dried, you should protect the paint and metallic surfaces with a hard wax. Also protect spokes, hubs bolts and nuts, etc with a wax film. Polish the waxed surfaces with a soft cloth so that they shine and repel water. OVERWINTERING YOUR BIRDY When storing your bike for the winter, there are some things to consider: • During extended storage the tyres may gradually lose air. If the tyre remains flat for an extended period, it could damage it. • Clean the bike and protect it against corrosion as previously described. • Store the bike in a dry place. • Switch the derailleur to the smallest sprocket so the cables and springs are as relaxed as possible. For Shimano hub gears, shift to the first gear. INSPECTIONS A regular check of the bike guarantees long term function and enjoyment. As with a car, annual inspections can help prevent costly repairs. The adjustment of the bearings or shifting system and the timely exchange of worn parts can prevent severe damage to the operating parts of the bicycle. After the initial break-in period, you should have your Birdy inspected at regular intervals. Consider the following maintenance periods as a general guideline: Every 50-100 miles: Lubricate the chain and check tire pressure. Every 200-300 miles: Inspect and adjust the brakes and gears, and check for any loose bolts or parts. Every 1,000 miles or annually: Perform a folding bike maintenance session at the authorized birdy bike shop. This typically includes cleaning and lubricating all moving components, inspecting and adjusting the headset, bottom bracket, wheel hubs, and replacing worn parts like brake pads, tires, or chains. Similarly, this may include cleaning your bike’s frame. When riding more or on poor roads/off-road, these intervals are shortened. This also applies to taking frequent trips in the rain or in a generally humid climate.
  • Can I order a Birdy bike from your website?
    Yes. To place an order for our bikes, you can either click the "Order" icon on our product pages or submit an order form on this client service page. Once you've placed your order, we will work with a local authorized retailer to serve you. The bikes you've ordered will be ready for professional assembly at the authorized retailer of your choice. You will have the option to inspect and pick up the bike at the retailer or arrange for shipping from the retailer to you. Once you receive your bike, the authorized dealer will automatically be your warranty store.

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