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Unleash the adventurer in you and embrace the freedom of Birdy Bikes

From Commuting to Adventure: How Birdy Bikes Can Take You Places

Elevate your biking experience with Birdy Bike.  In just 10 seconds, you can unfold it from your trunk and start riding in style, comfort, and confidence. The Birdy is a bicycle that has a unique one-piece diamond-shaped hydroformed front fork tubing. This design provides increased rigidity to the bike despite its narrower width. The bike is outfitted with both front and rear suspension, ensuring a comfortable ride across various terrains. With its 18-inch wheels, the Birdy is easy to maneuver and effortless to start with. Moreover, it is compact enough to fit into a suitcase, making it an ideal choice for adventure seekers who love to travel.

The bike's folding mechanism has been cleverly designed to be incorporated into its monocoque aluminum frame, making it lightweight without any hinges. The Birdy bike offers increased stability and responsive feedback similar to a road racing bike, thanks to its optimized head tube with a 10-degree angle and lower BB height of 279mm. To put this in perspective, typical road bikes have a BB height of 270mm to 290mm, while mountain bikes are around 300mm. The bike's triangular cross-section enhances rigidity and power efficiency.

The Birdy bikes are equipped with front and rear disc brakes that ensure excellent stopping power even in adverse weather conditions. The G3 hydroformed swing arm not only increases rigidity but also looks amazing by matching the sweeping contours of the frame. The Birdy City model is equipped with an Alex DA16 black anodized rim and a CST 18x1.5" 90psi Kevlar inside with a reflective sidewall tyre that provides a comfortable ride in an urban environment. On the other hand, the Birdy GT model has an Alex DM18 black anodized F/R: 32H rim and a Schwalbe Black Jack 18x1.9" thick and deep tread MTB tyre, which is suitable for trail and off-road.


Discover the perfect combination of style and comfort while exploring the city or enjoying the freedom of a bikepacking trip with Birdy!


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